Doc Searls: Let’s finish building out the Net’s directory

Doc Searls raises some great points about how dependent we have all become on Google as THE search gorilla on the Internet.

One of the things I’ve been frustrated with in just running a personal weblog is the lack of decent search solutions for the content I create. I have to wait for Google to wander by my site some number of days after I post something. As good as Google is, it still runs some number of days behind in indexing my site — and, near as I can tell, every other weblog. Tonight, for example, Google is running over 48 hours behind in indexing my weblog. Clearly this isn’t the right approach.

I’ve suggested in earlier postings that Google needs to add a Weblogs tab (with up to the minute results) to the newly introduced Google News service. If Google does that — and does that soon, great. Otherwise, Google just isn’t serving our needs for near real-time weblog indexing.

What is? I remember Dave Winer playing around with a distributed directory a while back — but it required humans to edit/create it. What I want is my own site to automatically generate the search results from my content and then share them with a central directory on a much more timely (like near real-time!) basis.

Some sort of Google-like “authority” could then be arbitrarily applied to the consolidated search outputs — but that then requires a centralized “diety” function again (much as for the user identity discussion a day or two ago).

Doc states his requirements this way:

I want a public card catalog that knows the schema of this site, and is informed (by me, automatically) when I post this item, and that reflects the new facts immediately and automatically. Then I want it to automatically notify search engines like Google, which can then go crawl and archive the contents for listing in their own privately owned but publicly exposed readers guides.

We’re on the same wavelength. Basically, the same idea. Perhaps we should start a new “movement”: the Weblog Search Services Protocol — WSSP? Let’s face reality: in the weblog community, search is much more important than identity. First things first! Let’s get going!

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