InfoWorld: Grand Central update

Steve Gillmor and Mark Jones interview Craig Donato and John McDowall from Grand Central. [Tnx: Doug Kaye]

Donato: If you assume the world’s going to be homogenous, the value of Grand Central becomes small. If the world is heterogeneous, the value’s huge.

McDowall goes on to comment:

I think the standards are moving in the right direction. The WS stack assumes there’s something in the middle. The first thing you do is send out and get a coordination ID from a coordination service. So I think a lot of the standards have started moving in our direction, because I honestly don’t know of any other way of doing this.

So, is that true — that statement McDowall makaes (regarding the WS stack) about there being “something in the middle” which would play to Grand Central’s role? Or is he just looking at the world through one of those pairs of “I’ve got a hammer!” eyeglasses?

Meanwhile, after being on the outside watching for some time, Sun has finally joined the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I). A recently updated introductory presentation on WS-I is now available.

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