Linux Journal: Radio E-mail in West Africa

Wayne Marshall writes about using HF radio for email in west Africa.

The current result of our own Radio E-mail project is that we are now serving mail to over 50 desktops and 150 staff in four offices throughout Guinea. The entire wide area network is serviced behind a single public IP address, at a total ISP cost of $150(USD) per month. Based mostly on existing hardware, the Radio E-mail project has leaped boundaries and opened dialogs for its users that were previously not possible.

Best of all, the system has deployed standard network and internet technologies throughout the organization and throughout Guinea utilizing the freely available, best of breed, borderless open-source technologies that underlie all global connectivity. Not only does this plant grass-roots networking infrastructure where there is yet no Internet, it helps build the core competencies and capabilities essential for Africa’s connected future.

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