San Francisco: Blue Angels and Fleet Week 2002

San Francisco Fleet Week - October 12, 2002The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels are in San Francisco this weekend for Fleet Week — along with a number of other Navy and Marine Corps vessels and personnel.

The Blue Angels are simply the best flight demonstration team in the world. After seeing them fly, everyone wants to suit up for their own personal F-18 test drive!

It was a near perfect day today out on the Bay as the Blue Angels worked their magic. This picture was taken from Pier 41 — the Blue & Gold Fleet’s departure terminal. This turned out to be an ideal spot from which to watch the day’s airshow events. To get there while avoiding parking hassles, I parked and took BART from the Daly City station and then the F Streetcar to Fisherman’s Wharf.

The French flag in the image was being flown today from Forbes Island, a curious floating island restaurant adjacent to the pier.

Next weekend, the Blue Angels are off to Miramar near San Diego. Now that’s a real airshow!

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