IBM, Wal-Mart deal for web-enabled EDI

IBM and Wal-Mart announced today that Wal-Mart has selected to help Wal-Mart’s thousands of domestic and international suppliers adopt an Internet-based system that will enable them to exchange vital data, such as purchase orders, invoices, and advanced shipping notices, faster, at lower cost, and with greater reliability and improved security.

Wal-Mart has selected the EDIINT AS2 standard to govern its Internet EDI system. AS2 is an Internet standards-based protocol for exchanging information over HTTP in an assured, secure, high volume, and reliable fashion. AS2 offers the peace-of-mind of “confirmed information delivery”, and the security of digital signatures with encryption, as well as the speed and cost effectiveness of the Internet. In addition, the technology automatically pushes information between supplier and distributor, improving the timeliness of the information between these business partners.

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