PKIX: Scents in certificates

The PKIX folks are running amok.

Alongside audio and video logotypes, it may be desirable for certificates to
carry scent logotypes in order to uniquely brand certificate holders in a
manner meaningful to relying parties.

For example, McDonalds may choose to
imbue their certificates with the aroma of fried beef patties and grilled
cheese, the National Park Service may choose the essence of pure Colorado
mountain air with just a hint of pine, the NRA would use a heady mixture of
cordite and gun oil, and PKIX could use cold coffee and stale cigarette smoke.

The new logotype would be implemented in the form of scratch-n-sniff
certificates, and will assist relying parties in making informed decisions as
to whether a particular certificate is trustworthy and relevant for its
intended usage. Service providers and product vendors invest a lot of money
and resources into creating a strong relation between positive user
experiences and easily recognizable scents such as grilled beef, fresh air,
and cordite, allowing easy and familiar branding of certificates.

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