John Robb: Enough telephone spam!

“Userland Software” President/COO John Robb writes about his frustration with telephone telemarketing calls.

A good friend who lives in Colorado recently told me about how this all has changed for the better for citizens of that state as a result of legislation adopted by the Colorado General Assembly in 2001 (the “Colorado No-Call List Act”) that allows consumers to protect themselves from unwanted telemarketing calls.

See: for more information on this great idea! At that site, Colorado residents can input their telephone numbers and be added to a no call list which must be used by telemarketers to screen outbound telemarketing calls to consumers. My friend tells me that, in six months, over 60% of the residential phones in the state were listed on the no call list!

This is truly a great example of a state’s legislators listening to what their constituents really want and acting upon it — instead of what the lobbyists are willing to write them big checks for. APPLAUSE!

Unfortunately, I just got a telemarketing call from Fortune magazine asking me to renew. Shame on them. Into my personal Hall of Shame they go! Which reminds me, I also think the stupid pop-ups Fortune generates when you visit their website are pretty irritating as well! AOL/Time Warner: Hello, are you listening to your customers?