Strategy+Business: Diary of a change agent

Art Kleiner writes about how change agents really get things done.

The critical detail in this story, for me at least, is the noodle house and Ms. Waugh‚s knowledge of it. That tip was the kind of subtle, incisive spur to human contact that leads people to feel that they can stick their necks out without much risk. Conventional wisdom tells us that the direct approval of a CEO ˜ or, at the very least, a „zealot‰-like senior executive ˜ is needed to protect innovative projects and give them „air cover.‰ But Ms. Waugh‚s story shows that people can generate a sense of safety from lower levels as well if they have a flair for networking and the requisite imagination.

Great article! Art Kleiner’s done some great work over the years. I suppose one of these days he’ll start a weblog!

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