New York Times: It’s time to turn off those bells and whistles

Matt Richtel suggests slowing down and thinking on Wednesday, September 11th.

If you feel angry and vengeful, don’t fight it. Use your destructive energy for good: Delete an emoticon. Kill a symbol. In its place, express a real emotion ˜ good, bad or indifferent. Find the words ˜ not symbols, acronyms or digital era short-cuts ˜ that mean: I love you. I miss you. I’m sorry.

This Wednesday, keep it real. You can get virtual again on Thursday.

Laura Bush has a similar suggestion: turn off your televisions on September 11th and just be with your family.

“We saw a handful of people do something so horrible, but then we saw so many other people, on the other hand, do good things. The firemen, policemen, rescue workers — the children themselves, Mrs. Bush said. “It’s really great for families to figure out ways to let their children be involved and be helpful.”

She encouraged parents to read and spend time with their children to comfort them.

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