CNN: Bill Clinton on Larry King Live

Bill Clinton and Bob Dole were on Larry King Live last night. One comment that Clinton made was particularly interesting (or disturbing). King asked him where he was on September 11th (he was in Australia). Read the following excerpt from the transcript of the interview:

KING: Do you remember what you were thinking, Mr. President?


KING: What would go through the mind of the immediate former president watching this?

CLINTON: I remember exactly what happened. Bruce Lindsey said to me on the phone, my God, a second plane has hit the tower. And I said, bin Laden did this. That’s the first thing I said.

He said, how can you be sure? I said, because only bin Laden and the Iranians could set up a network to do this, and [the Iranians] wouldn’t do it, because they have a country and targets. Bin Laden did it.

Bin Laden or the Iranians. What should we make of that comment?

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