New York Times: 9/11 Lesson Plan

NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman has a lesson plan for what to teach in school (or at home!) on September 11th.

I happened to hear Don Imus interviewing Friedman on the radio this morning on my way into the office. It was incredible — Friedman has a new book out and that was his reason for being on the show — but the conversation was just spectacular. Wish I could point to a replay of that interview somewhere.

In this column, Friedman points to a number of homework assignments. One is “An Autumn of War,” by the military historian Victor Davis Hanson. His words are powerful indeed:

We must cease the apologetic tone we have developed with the Arab world, and make it clear that their ministers who hector us are not legitimate without elections, their spokesmen are not journalists without a free press, and their intellectuals are not credible without liberty. The right to admonish Americans on questions of morality is not an entitlement, but something earned only through a shared commitment to constitutional government.

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