InfoWorld: Jeff Raikes on the future role of Office

Ray Ozzie pointed to this InfoWorld interview of Microsoft’s Jeff Raikes. You read this interview and you think everything’s going to be great with SharePoint Team Services 2.0 and some sort of fuzzy/ill-defined integration of STS with Groove.

Let me inject a dose of reality. I’m a partner in a small consulting firm that has been trying to use Microsoft’s hosted (bCentral) version of STS. “Trying” is the key word.

I recently downloaded Groove 2.0 (after having tried and abandoned the original Preview edition) and have been experimenting with it with one of my tech-saavy partners. Frankly, given the capabilities in Groove 2.0, I wonder why we’re paying Microsoft bCentral anything for our STS site. Nice as it is, Groove is also an incomplete solution to our needs.

Raikes says it’s all going to be wonderful with STS 2.0. Ozzie says there’s a role for STS even if you have Groove. All of this seems so politically correct.

We don’t want to be in the business of running our own server. We don’t want to buy a .NET server and license STS. We simply want tools that help us get the job done — without all of the administrative overhead of server management, etc.

In other words, we’re simply trying to do effective collaboration as a small business — among ourselves and, externally, with our clients — and the tools these guys talk about just don’t help us do that! They’re all just partial solutions!

What gives?

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