Ray Ozzie: Why collaboration?

Ray Ozzie comments on his experiences with collaboration over the years.

The way that I explore is to build products, and to see how they are used. To see what works, and what doesn’t. To listen, to interact, to refine. Because cooperative work exists at the intersection between people, organizations, and technology, collaborative systems are truly fascinating: in order to serve people effectively, technologists must, for example, understand social dynamics, social networks, human factors. In order to serve people in the context of organizations effectively, technologists must, for example, understand organizational dynamics, modularity and transaction cost economics.

The bottom line to Why? To create real value in a dimension that I passionately believe in.

One of the best things about “Dave Winer” and his team at “Userland Software” is that they mostly do the kind of product development that Ray talks about: collaboratively, seeing what works, what doesn’t, and continuously innovating. “Radio Userland” is an awesome tool — and is a result of that kind of open development process.

Jon Udell also comments on Ray’s thoughts.

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