WSJ: Microsoft’s .Net ‘Marketecture’ is lacking in real innovation

Lee Gomes reports on his view of last week’s .Net analysts’ briefing at Microsoft.

I was struck by how speaker after speaker, from Mr. Gates on down, would identify problems in the computer industry — such as Web sites that are hard to use — and then talk about how .NET would one day solve them.

But .NET is behind schedule. Out in the real world, people like Mr. Maslov haven’t been waiting for this Promethean gift from Redmond. They’re rolling up their sleeves and getting to work, making the sort of innovative, lean, useful products one rarely sees from Microsoft. Of course, these outside products march to their own drummer, rather than conform to Microsoft’s worldview. They’re thus not cogs in some Microsoft master plan to increase its hegemony.

Steve Gillmor had a similar reaction in InfoWorld.

A search on Google for ‘marketecture’ revealed Nelson King’s article about .Net being ‘marketecture’ back in September 2000!

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