NY Times: For a Big, Big, Big Iced Tea Thirst

This is a great article about how to make your own, high quality iced tea at home. Just in time for the Fourth of July!…

I’ve begun drinking diluted iced tea in a bid to be healthier. I used to drink several cans of Diet Coke a day — but I’ve noticed that Diet Cokes give me subtle headaches — must be something in all those chemicals that I’m finally noticing.

Plain ice water seems too bland. Chardonnay would be great — but it’s hard to function after a glass! Plus, there’s too much sugar in wine for a big guy like me.

So I’ve settled on diluted iced tea as my regular drink. I’ve been making it just using tap water and small doses of Tejava, a bottled tea from the Crystal Geyser company. Our local Trader Joes sells the stuff cheap. After stopping at a local Peets, I’ll be trying this home brew recipe to compare.

Here’s the recipe for making the concentrate.

Update: Doug Kaye comments on his own personal brew.

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