Meg Hourihan: What we do when we weblog

Meg Hourihan’s great article fills in some of the blanks for newcomers to weblogs. She has some great insights into the motivations we have for doing a weblog.

In my case, my weblog is really my running scrapbook of things I find interesting. It’s a place — a more permanent record — when I came make scribbles about such things. I suspect that’s what really underlies a lot of weblogger activity.

I’ve also come to appreciate the important of writing regularly — of trying to get the essence out of that fog of thinking in the brain. Writing is hard work — and I don’t do enough of it…but doing just a little here and there on my weblog is somehow very satisfying. The fact that it’s done in a globally shared way using this slick technology (in my case provided by Userland Software) is less important to me.

One of these days I’d like to redesign my weblog to split apart the sections for linking to news items from my own writing and content. We can do that sort of with Stories in Radio Userland but I’d like to try a cleaner design which does this on the main weblog page.

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