What’s the #1 best selling computer book on Amazon?

It’s David Pogue’s Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, published by O’Reilly. It’s fascinating how the Mac, on the basis of Mac OS X, has re-emerged as the “cool platform”. Many of the developer friends I know have gone (back) to the Mac because of the coolness of OS X.

I recently got a new iBook — and it’s great. In a bizarro twist of fate, one of the things I still use my PC for is Radio Userland (used to maintain this weblog)! Radio’s available for both Mac’s and PC’s — but I’m afraid to try to convert from the PC to the Mac because it’s not at all obvious how such a conversion should even be attempted — in a way which would protect everything I’ve got already invested in Radio on the PC! I’ll bet I’m not alone.

[Update: Eric Freeman checks in saying he’s made the leap!]

[Update2: Dave Winer emails that all I need to do is copy the www and Data Files folders from the Mac to the PC (after installing Radio on the Mac) to do the conversion. He says lots of folks have done it. Looks like it’s almost time to give it a try!]

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