Speaking of Qpass…

Qpass was one of the early Internet companies going after payments for digital content. They required heavy duty integration and up front license fees for content providers to sign up. In the hey day of the Internet bubble, that got them traction with folks like the New York Times (see story below). As a professional in the payments industry, I usually sign up for almost everything new — I didn’t ever open a Qpass account.

Some time ago, according to the Qpass web site, they’ve morphed into targeting wireless carriers and providing commerce solutions to them. The morphing began some time ago — the most recent press release is just about a year old — an agreement with Cingular Wireless for micropayments.

Perhaps it’s time we start doing a market map of the mobile commerce space? Who really is doing meaningful work on mobile commerce? Anyone want to help develop such a map? Send me email here:

To get us started, here are the results of a Google search on “mobile commerce”. I’ve also started a page here for noting “Mobile Commerce Resources”. Finally, I’ve started a Mobile Commerce weblog (link also added to right sidebar on this page).

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