Doc’s taking the train

Doc Searls is taking the train to San Jose today from his home near Santa Barbara. No, I don’t think they have WiFi on-board (yet!).

Last train I took was a year or two ago when I took Amtrak’s Coast Starlight from Portland, OR to Seattle. What a great time that was! It’s about a 4 hour ride — leaving Portland around 5 PM (they were late that day so we didn’t leave until about 6:15 PM).

As soon as the train started rolling out of the station, they announced the Dining Car was open for dinner. I headed back, sat down with a couple complete strangers and proceeded to have one of the nicest meals in memory! We enjoyed each others comraderie and had a very good dinner at the same time. It was dark quickly so we didn’t have much scenery to look at — which made the conversation even more interesting!

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