Net Economy: Akamai edges into web services

Doug Kaye prompted a look at what Akamai announced with Microsoft last week.

I’ve thought Akamai was a pretty cool company — “edge” enabling static content delivery and all — but the following quote from the Net Economy article makes absolutely no sense to me. The marketing folks at Akamai are running amok! If you “get it”, please explain it to me:

Robert Ball, VP of product marketing for Akamai, says edge computing is a logical extension of Akamai’s static content delivery service. “By putting application logic on the edge, companies will bypass all the problems of the Internet,” he says.

For instance, if a retail site develops Web services with a credit-card company, transactions can be routed directly to the closest payment-processing center, instead of to the credit-card company’s origin server, then to the processing center.

Ball also says putting Web services over Akamai’s overlay network will offer an added level of security. “Enterprises don’t want to expose their applications directly over the Internet,” he says.

Ball obviously doesn’t understand how the world’s credit card processing actually takes place. What a silly example!

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