Sunday Exploring

This afternoon I headed for Half Moon Bay to be close to the ocean on a stunningly beautiful late winter afternoon. Me and a couple of thousand other folks – judging by the traffic!

I took Kings Mountain Road through Woodside up to Skyline and then down Tunitas Creek Road to Hwy 1. It joins Hwy 1 a few miles north of Hwy 84 – but it’s quite a ride downhill from Skyline to the coast! Lots of twisting, turning, narrow passes — and amazing bicyclists peddling back up the hill!

Heading north on Hwy 1, I headed for Half Moon Bay’s Main Street and the Moon News bookstore (at the north end of town in a strip mall on the east side of Main St.). A friend had recommended Moon News — saying it was just one of those places where you were always surprised by what you found. He was right — I walked in an immediately found a book I had been thinking about and bought it. The young woman behind the counter was so intently reading her own book that I was hesitant to interrupt for the checkout! Moon News is definitely a keeper!

Heading for Pillar Point Harbor, I ended up finding accidentally the F/V Anne B. Fish from this boat end up in Palo Alto and Menlo Park every weekend at the local Farmers’ Markets. I had written about the Anne B’s owner Pietro in an earlier weblog posting here.

I had gone down one of the boat ramps in the harbor to take a look at the fish one of the fisherman had for sale. As I turned away from his boat, I looked across the harbor and saw the Anne B.

She looks to be a sturdy craft, seems ideal for his small fishing business. Several other boats in the harbor were selling fish and live Dungeness crabs this afternoon. You could stand in line at the Fish Market near the parking area — or you could walk a bit and buy even fresher fish right off the boats in the harbor.

Tonight for dinner we had petrale sole (from the Anne B — bought this morning at the Menlo Park Farmer’s Market) along with sushi rice salad made with cucumbers and red onion.

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