Today’s News The Boston Globe’s

Today’s News

The Boston Globe’s Sunday Magazine reports on Myriad Genetics and the patent lock they have on breast cancer research.

“The controversy swirling around Myriad’s patents goes to a fundamental question about all gene patents: Is there something wrong with a patent system that allows one company – or any institution, for that matter – to “own” the genetic material found in every human being?”

Also in the Boston Globe, an update on CMGI – after the bust.

“The Internet isn’t dead. CMGI isn’t dead,” McMillan said. “But the fact that people believe that will make it easier for us to set conservative expectations and deliver. A few years ago, the Internet was the Second Coming,” McMillan added. “The hype about the Web was Messianic. And it wasn’t true. Now we’re dealing with a swing in the opposite direction. Everyone is declaring that the entire Web is over. That’s not true either.”

The Economist reports on the PayPal IPO.

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