No Fish Today! One of

No Fish Today!

One of my favorite Sunday morning things to do is to visit the Menlo Park Farmers’ Market. At, and the market, one of my favorite spots is the fish monger, Pietro Parravano from Half Moon Bay. His boat is the Anne B.

Alas, he took today off (as he sometimes does)…no fish today! It’s such a beautiful day around here today — no wonder!

It‚s a simple life. I really enjoy my job, mainly because it‚s a physical job. I‚m outdoors, the smells are different, the sights are different. The quote, ŒŒthe sea has many faces,‚‚ is so true. It does change. The colors change.

When I go to farmer‚s markets [in Palo Alto and Menlo Park], I get to explain what I do, and I‚m able to provide them with a product of what I do. I comfort these people. Do you know how many people want to go out fishing with me?

When he’s not fishing, Pietro travels the world representing fishermen. Here’s his talk from Paris last December.

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