Today’s News Stories New York

Today’s News Stories

New York Times: United Airlines may be headed for bankruptcy.

“Several industry experts and two senior executives at rival airlines said they were beginning to conclude that United, widely considered the most troubled of the domestic airlines, would have no choice but to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection later this year if it were to have any hope of turning itself around.”

Angels: Dead or Alive?

“Many of the clubs have posted no returns, and some members are wondering just why they got into this risky business, especially as they’ve watched their own net worth whittled away. Club organizers are counseling patience, saying that angel investing is a long-term process and that it’s simply not fair for members to quit when the going gets rough.”

TRUSTe and ePrivacy Group Launch Seal Program to Promote Trust and Confidence In Commercial Email.

“Trusted Sender provides an architecture for trust in email by giving
consumers an easy way to identify responsible commercial email and validate
the identity of the sender. Beyond this, TRUSTe’s third party oversight
guarantees that consumer preferences and unsubscribe requests will be
respected and, for the first time ever, that consumers have a dispute
resolution mechanism for email.”

IBM Teams for ePayments Venture. eONE Global and its subsidiaries, SurePay and govONE Solutions, sign a deal with Big Blue to co-market online payments solutions to both businesses and government.

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