Today’s News Stories ComputerWorld this

Today’s News Stories

ComputerWorld this week has a couple of web services stories. They also report on the use of biometrics by banks.

Top economist critical of Microsoft settlement. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Nobel prize-winning economist criticised the proposed settlement of the government’s antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. , as a public comment period closed Monday. Stanford University professor Kenneth Arrow said the settlement reached with the U.S. Justice Department and nine states in the case failed to improve competition and would not deter Microsoft from future illegal acts.

OASIS Forms Web Services Technical Committee. A slew of firms has agreed to work on forging standards for portal-based Web services.

Computer Attacks on Companies Up Sharply. Cyber attacks are becoming more common and targeted, according to study to be released today, and security experts warned that the trend is only going to increase. [The Washington Post : Business]

W3C announce creation of Web Services Activity to bring Web Services to their full potential [WebServices.Org]

OPML and standard schemas. Dave Winer, of MORE and Userland fame, promises that OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) will be the next big thing…. [Digital Identity]

Is a know-it-all grocery cart in shoppers’ future?. WASHINGTON (AP) — You swipe your savings card against a screen mounted on a supermarket shopping cart. As you move about the store, the screen flashes ads for products you usually buy, notes that you haven’t bought toothpaste in six months and provides recipes and health information. [ Breaking News]

Technology: Palm’s Wireless Handheld Arrives. 06:07 ET – AP [] I own a Palm VII — what a disaster as a product. This new model features “always on” email — the primary advantage of the RIM Blackberry (which is my favorite “toy” of all time!).

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