Today’s News Stories Feast for

Today’s News Stories

Feast for Fans of Guitar Music. Wayne Harada of the Honolulu Advertiser reviews Keola Beamer’s masterful ‘Soliloquy’, Ozzie Kotani’s ‘To Honor a Queen’, and Winston Tan’s ‘Music for Life.’ [Hawaiian Music News From NahenaheNet]

We heard Keola and Ozzie last Saturday at Borders in Stonestown.

Electronic Warfare Associates releases 20-page PDF with sensible advice for securing wireless networks using existing technology: they don’t claim this methodology is 100 percent secure; rather, they describe a series of sensible, generally inexpensive steps that ensure the best possible results with the least amount of ongoing maintenance and concerns. The paper is available in PDF form from their security white papers page; you can also use Adobe’s free PDF-to-HTML converter, which allows you to enter a PDF’s URL and have the page displayed as text. [80211b News]

Knowledge@Wharton talks to Alta Communications’ William P. Egan, a veteran of the VC world, about the future of private equity after an economic lull.

“So the lesson I have learned from the recent mania is that you may have capital and a talented management team, but if you are fundamentally in a lousy business, you won’t get the kind of results you would in a good business. All businesses aren’t created equal.”

ComputerWorld covers Project Eleanor and Citibank’s implementation of I-Flex’s banking software suite.

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