Radio Userland: Search Solution? Dave

Radio Userland: Search Solution?

Dave Winer has responded to my “Radio Userland” search thoughts posted here yesterday. A local Radio Userland search page would be a great start. Google for searching the hosted site is just fine!

Just took a look at Google’s free site search. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to specify a domain/directory combination — they say they don’t support searching directories.

Looks like the only other option they offer is the full Silver/Gold search — which costs almost $2 grand/month. A bit steep for the weblogger crowd!

Wonder if Userland could bundle a domain service with RU? In other words, instead of each of us having these numbered directories, we could also have a domain name pointing at our stuff. For example, could point to Then I could tell Google the domain (I think — unless Google chokes on the multiple subdomains?). Of course, this would also be cool for things other than enabling Google searches!

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