Today’s News Stories Amazon may

Today’s News Stories

Amazon may hit “profitability” milestone. [Seattle Times]

“The chatter among Seattle’s elite cocktail parties began during the holidays:, they whispered, had reached the profitability milestone it set almost a year ago. Not only that, it had hit the mark two months ahead of schedule.”

Dan Gillmor: The Next Frontier — Web Services. [San Jose Mercury News]

In the end, Web services are inevitable. The technology makes too much sense.

Apple tries hard to keep a secret. [San Jose Mercury News]

Why does Apple keep things so quiet, and how? It turns out Apple’s motivation for keeping secrets comes down to two things: survival and marketing.

Loans that turn a home into a cash flow. [New York Times]

“The reverse mortgage requires no financial, credit or medical reports, yet promises to put tax-free money into the hands of its borrowers. And borrowers can remain in their home without having to repay any of the loan until they sell, move out or die.”

Silicon Valley’s Underbelly. High-tech’s temp troops: Overworked, underpaid, essential [San Francisco Chronicle]

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