Radio Userland: Search Solution? Today’s

Radio Userland: Search Solution?

Today’s Assignment: I’m looking to add a search capability to my “Radio Userland” weblog site. What’s the best approach?

Userland offers a search engine for Manila sites but it’s not obvious that same approach supports Radio sites. To start with, there are no prefs settings for search in Radio.

It seems that there might be two types of searches that need to be offered: 1) a quick local search of my Radio site on my desktop and 2) website search of my hosted Radio site. I’d use the local search to quickly locate items I’d like to refer to while creating new postings. The second search would be for users to use.

For the first search, there’s probably a macro somewhere in Radio that I could use to accomplish the search. After all, as I understand it, the pages all reside in Radio’s object database. We’d need to expose this on one of Radio’s pages — perhaps by adding “Search” as a new item in the top menu that runs across the very top of the page.

For the second search, it’s understandable that Userland would want something very lightweight so that their hosting servers don’t get bogged down when somebody invokes a search. Maybe Google Site Search is the way to go — since the site is already being regularly monitored by Google?

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