Creating Photo Books to Journal My Recent Photo Adventures

Over the last year or two, I’ve developed the habit of putting together a photo book following each photo adventure I take. Creating a photo book is a great to bundle together those photo experiences into a convenient format for sharing with friends or just to keep on your coffee table to help you keep your own memories.

I just finished putting together the one for the Mystic Forest Workshop with Michael Frye.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 5.15.40 PM

A few weeks ago I did one for the Jay Maisel Workshop.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 5.20.15 PM

I’ve been using iPhoto ’11 for these books and enjoy the editing process of putting them together. For my photo books, I’ve been using iPhoto ’11’s Picture Book theme – in softcover and the medium size option (8×6 inches). I find this format is just right for these adventure-specific books. I use Lightroom as my primary photo management application. To create a new photo book, I first find the images (“selects”) I want to use in Lightroom and export them as full size JPEGs to a folder. I then fire up iPhoto ’11 and create a new library (important!) – putting it and the selects in a new, separate folder in my Photo Books folder. It’s important to just do one photo book per iPhoto library – keeps things simpler and better organized. I think import the selects into iPhoto and start creating the new photo book.

I also do an annual portfolio photo book of my “best” images from the year – something I start in November and like to have finishing in time to have portfolio books to use as gifts with family. For my annual portfolio books, I use the same Picture Book theme also in softcover but the larger version. It’s more expensive but provides a more substantial book of great images.

On Friday, Apple announced that it would be moving to a new Photos application beginning in Mac OS X Yosemite – and no longer enhancing either iPhoto or Aperture. I’ve really come to appreciate the quality of the iPhoto books – and I hope that Apple continues to provide great photo book printing options in the new Photos app going forward!