Books Calm Stress

Digital Stressors?

I recently read Chris Bailey’s new book “How to Calm Your Mind: Finding Presence and Productivity in Anxious Times” and found much of it useful. But there was part of the book that didn’t ring true in my life – namely Bailey’s discussion of choosing between analog and digital.

A few days ago I read an excellent review of Bailey’s book by Jim Eager. Jim really focuses on this analog vs digital point:

I think he misses the point when he turns to the question of how to relieve stress, and how to calm your mind. I think he’s picked the wrong battle, by framing it as “digital vs. analog.”

The real question is not analog vs. digital, but how do you avoid and minimize stress and bring more calm into your life?

There are distractions and stress producers in both the digital and the analog worlds. We have to learn to avoid and minimize distractions in both the analog and digital worlds as well. It’s not just an “analog vs. digital” issue.

I recommend reading all of Jim’s review – he’s very thoughtful in his commentary of the book.