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Mobile Photography on Monterey Bay

I recently drove to Monterey to join my friend and painter Don Neff while he was doing plein air painting as part of the 2018 Carmel Art Festival. Don took us to one of his favorite spots along the Monterey Bay coastline – Perkins Park in Pacific Grove.

Don and I caught up on old times as he was painting a small 6×8 inch canvas for the show.

As I was sitting with Don, we watched the sun play with the fog bank – creating some beautiful and ever changing lighting on the bay. There was a single fishing boat out – seemed to be turning circles in the middle of the bay. I captured a few shots with my iPhone 8 Plus including this one:

Later, when I was home, I began playing with this image using some of the iOS photo editing apps that I’ve collected (don’t ask how many I have!). One of my favorites for landscape (or seascape!) scenes is called Distressed FX. This app is available on both the iPhone and iPad. It allows you to simply experiment adding both color and texture effects to an image. With this image, I cropped it to a square format and then, using Distressed FX, added the sky and a subtle texture overlay. The result is startling beautiful – and way different from the original! [Update 5/29/18: Here’s a good introductory tutorial about Distressed FX.]

Carmel/Monterey/Pacific Grove Monterey Bay Photography Photography - Canon PowerShot S95

Sand Dollars on the Ceiling

Hanging in a stairway in the Clement Intercontinental Hotel in Monterey is this beautiful “sand dollar” light – at least that’s what I think it is!

The colors rotate through this light – creating some beautiful effects on the ceiling and surrounding walls.

Here are a few others of the colors from my exploration last night.

Carmel/Monterey/Pacific Grove Monterey Bay Photography Photography - Canon PowerShot S95

A Lonely Sailboat on Monterey Bay at Dusk

PixelBender Version - Sailboat On Monterey Bay

After dinner tonight, a photographer friend and I went out back of the hotel hoping to catch some sunset views of Monterey Bay. The marine layer tonight was a bit thick – not at all unusual this time of year! – so not dramatic sunset lighting occurred.

But we did get this shot of a lonely sailboat coming home at dusk – the particular image has been tweaked just a bit using the Pixel Bender filter in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Click on the image to bring up a larger version against a black background.