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Amusement Park of My Mind

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I recently wrote (“Astonishment“) about the metaphor of an amusement park for my PKM. This morning I was listening to a podcast on my morning walk in which the host was encouraging us to use AI to help extend our thinking in various ways.

When I got back from my morning walk, I asked Anthropic’s Claude to help me brainstorm some more on this amusement park idea. I really like some of these suggestions – which definitely to extend my thinking about the various nooks and crannies of my PKM system!

  • A funhouse with distorting mirrors that show exaggerated or distorted versions of my ideas and beliefs. Allows me to see things from new angles.
  • A merry-go-round where I can revisit my favorite ideas and insights over and over. A place of comfort and familiarity.
  • A haunted mansion filled with doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs that I need to face and overcome. Facing the ghosts helps me grow.
  • Food stalls and snack bars representing nourishing ideas and mental models. Brain food to feed my thinking.
  • An arcade or midway where I can play games with ideas, combining them in new ways to see what emerges. Allows combinatorial creativity.
  • A lazy river where I can relax and let my mind wander, making new connections. Effortless flow of insights.
  • A hall of mirrors where ideas build on each other, combining and recombining. Represents the compounding nature of knowledge.
  • A carousel with different animals representing different perspectives – a way to look at ideas from different viewpoints. Expanding my frames.
  • A safari ride to discover new lands of knowledge I haven’t explored yet. Pushing beyond my comfort zones.
  • A hedge maze representing the challenge of finding my way through complex ideas and systems. Navigating nuance and ambiguity.
  • A theater showing films of my memories and vivid imaginings. My dreams, fantasies, and reflections come alive.
  • A Ferris wheel giving a bird’s-eye view when I need perspective on things. Rising above for clarity.
  • Bumper cars allowing ideas to collide and bump into each other randomly. Sparking new insights through serendipity.
  • A petting zoo with metaphors and analogies I can interact with. Making the abstract more concrete.
  • A sky tram/gondola lift connecting different domains of knowledge. Seeing interconnectedness.
  • A fun slide for taking quick leaps between ideas. Intuition and rapid insights.
  • A carousel of cognitive biases I need to watch out for. Remaining aware of my blindspots.
  • A picnic area for intellectual nourishment and pausing to reflect. Healthy thinking habits.
  • A mirrored labyrinth of ever-deepening knowledge. Infinite recursion of ideas building on themselves.

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