Little Irritations

I’m a long-time user of Safari in MacOS (and iOS and iPadOS) and was happy to see Tab Groups added as a feature in macOS Monterey two years ago. I’m a heavy user of tab groups – having separately my browsing activity into various categories which help me focus my work and reading.

I’ve been frustrated, however, with my inability to reliably use a keyboard shortcut on my Mac to switch between the dozen or so tab groups I have setup. Sometimes the shortcut (⌘-Shift-⬆︎/⬇︎) would work but most of the time it wouldn’t.

I’ve done a number of searches over time trying to figure out what I might be doing wrong. Earlier this morning I stumbled across one comment in a long thread discussing tab groups saying that for the keyboard shortcut to work the focus needed to be in the URL bar. In other words, if the focus isn’t in the URL bar you need to get it there first (easily done with the ⌘-L shortcut) and THEN you can reliably use the keyboard shortcuts to switch tab groups.

While I appreciate almost everything Apple does in terms of user interface simplicity, sometimes an arcane nuance like this is just way to hard to discover – and I consider myself an experienced “power user”!

Oh well, just another first world problem I suppose!

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