Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

I’m Fine with FineWoven!

Like a lot of folks, I’ve been a long time user of Apple leather iPhone cases. I like how they felt in the hand – with just enough friction to my grip to allow me to hold my phone securely even while angling for the best photo shot.

With the iPhone 15, Apple for environmental reasons has eliminated the use of leather cases and replaced them a new case material called FineWoven. I recently upgraded to a new iPhone 15 Pro Max and got one of the new FineWoven cases to match.

There have been a LOT of complaints in various articles online about this new material – about how it’s just not an adequate replacement for the old leather material. My view is different – I’m pleased with the feel of the new FineWoven material and find it to be a suitable replacement – especially if it’s better for the environment to make cases from this material instead of leather.

There is one minor complaint I have, however. I find the FineWoven case to be a bit “slippery” in my grip. I’m hoping I’ll adapt to it but at least initially its slipperiness is bothersome – as dropping my iPhone isn’t something I at all want to do!

I don’t have any particular suggestion to make as to how Apple might make the material less slippery and I certainly wouldn’t want some new additional coating to attempt to address the issue. I’ll hopefully adjust soon enough and try to extra careful in the meantime.

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