AI Chatbots are the new attention getters

The wave of AI chatbots continues to build – with the recent public release of ChatAPT, the new Poe app from Quora, today’s Bing announcement from Microsoft and whatever might be coming from Google, Facebook, Apple and others.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of experimenting with ChatAPT in particular – as you can see from some of my recent posts. Today I’ve been spending time with Poe on my iPhone – it’s a really well done app that makes it even easier to interact conversationally with AI chatbots (Poe supports multiple chatbots).

One thing is clear from my play – these new “tools” are true “attention sinks.” As you ask questions and research a topic, the ability to interact and dive deeper is quite addicting – and time consuming! It’s all an interesting experience.

With the potential for significant monetization for companies that can captivate our attention through their apps, the time we spend with AI chatbots may come at the expense of time spent on other apps, which could impact the ability those other apps to continue to monetize at the same level. This shift will be intriguing to observe.

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