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Seeing Georgia O’Keeffe’s Living Modern

A few weeks ago – after returning from a week in Santa Fe – I made a day trip to Reno to visit the Nevada Museum of Art and its Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition Living Modern (organized by the Brooklyn Museum). I caught a morning flight from San Francisco and arrived at the museum just as it was opening at 10 AM. The sun was pretty dramatic on the museum building that morning.

The exhibition was beautifully displayed – a combination of both O’Keeffe’s artwork (paintings and drawings) and her clothing. The combination helped illuminate my understanding of her as a person – particularly her emphasis on wearing black – and her use of light and shadows in her artwork.

One of my favorite drawings of hers – Winter Road – was on display near the end of exhibition. It’s a drawing of a long driveway – strikingly done.

Winter Road

The exhibition displayed her artwork on the walls while her clothing was displaying in the middle on mannequins. The combination provided a lovely juxtaposition allowing a movement back and forth across the two domains.

In a different area of the museum there’s another exhibit of O’Keeffe’s camping gear. She was quite an outdoor woman – spending overnights camping out in her favorite locations in New Mexico.

The gift shop in the museum had the following quote from O’Keeffe – which sums her her clothing style!

I hadn’t been to Reno in many years so it was fun to catch back up with the city a bit while I was there. About a block from the museum is the breakfast and lunch spot Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs. Naturally I had to try it out – having breakfast for lunch!

After lunch, I stopped by the National Automobile Museum – about 160+ classic cars from the original collection acquired over the years from casino owner Bill Harrah. A worthwhile visit – the movie provides a great overview of the collection and about Bill Harrah.

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