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Enjoying Life

Happy Hour - Paris - 2014

I think it was James Taylor who penned “the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.”

I love getting out on the streets with my camera in a beautiful city – like Paris in this case – and just watching, looking for beautiful light and people enjoying life.

Here’s an example – shot with my Fujifilm X100S. Happy hour! Savor every moment!

3 replies on “Enjoying Life”

couldn’t agree more Soctt..We’re in Adelaide in Australia right now and i have been AMAZED at what a beautiful place it is. Putting aside the historical stuff and the “must see sights’ of European cities..this one holds up very nicely compared with them. But without the crowds, traffic and expense…great image by the way. A really social human moment!

Paul, great that you’re in Adelaide. I’ve been to Sydney several times, Melbourne once – but never to Adelaide. We may be taking a trip in the spring back to Australia – if so, will definitely try to get there. An old friend is from there – time to visit!

Well timing is everything Scott haha. It’s quite a special place as I say, so you must try to get here. Very photogenic city and easy too. Time to look up old friends! We’re headed for a month to the outback city of Dubbo in a week or so. Housesitting gets us all over the place haha. Dubbo should be interesting. Different but interesting!

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