iPhone 5s Photography VSCO Film



I seem to love orange – and oranges.

When I was much younger, I consumed orange juice by the quart – undoubtedly bad for my blood sugar! I also used to love winter in California when the navel oranges came into season and we could buy big bags of them at the local supermarket. They peeled so easily and tasted so great – that sweet and tart combination with that wonderful aroma of orange zest. At my age, I now need to avoid them – unfortunately. Life gives – and life takes away!

Tonight we had a quick dinner at one of our favorite spots – and they had these oranges in a bowl near where we sat at the bar. Partially peeled for orange zest, they look a bit like zebras!

Shot with my iPhone 5s and adjusted using VSCOcam. A bit of blue shadows added and a bit of highlight relief. No need to add orange highlights to this image!

Hope you enjoy!

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