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A Photographer at Work – Drake’s Beach at Point Reyes

At Work - Drake's Beach - 2013

Wow, what a beautiful sunset we had on Sunday out at Drake’s Beach at Point Reyes. This is a great venue – you can drive right down to the beach, there’s a great Visitor Center right there as well as a Cafe where I was able to catch a late lunch before focusing on my photography.

I was there with my photo buddy Doug Kaye as part of a larger photo walk organized on Google+ – this was the last session of a three day, multi-venue series of photo walks organized by Nathan Wirth.

I loved the light looking west from this side of Drake’s Beach – and opted to stay over on this side. The rest of the gang was over on the other side – doing long exposure shots with that smooth water look. I wasn’t into that – and decided to stay with the light down this side of the beach. As the sun was setting, I noticed another of the photographers out shooting the sunset from perhaps the perfect spot. We’d spoken earlier when we were both in that spot – he was a week into a Nikon D800 – and having a great time.

This shot is my favorite memory of this special Sunday afternoon in January. A great time, a special time.

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