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Photography Explorations: Filling the Frame

Derelict - Inverness - 2012

On Saturday, I took a drive up to Point Reyes – motivated by the Open Studios held this weekend. There were a few photographers having open studios – including my friend – and black and white photographer – Marty Knapp. Before heading to the open studios, however, I stopped by a few of my favorite sites in Inverness and at Pierce Point Ranch out on Point Reyes.

Screen Shot 2012 05 28 at 7 44 51 AM

First stop was the FV Point Reyes, a popular site just behind the Inverness Grocery Store. Many photographers have shot this forlorn fishing boat over the last few years. I made a quick stop here – spending at most 10 minutes – shooting hand-held with my Canon 5D Mark II with the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L lens – and my iPhone 4S.

I first captured the usual iconic shots of the boat – from about a half dozen angles as I walked around the bow. As I was about to leave, I noticed how lovely the light was on the cabin of the boat itself – and that motivated me to go in closer and to “fill the frame”, not worrying about capturing the whole boat itself.

This image turns out of be one of what I consider the best of my recent photos – with the beautiful light, the great detail of the boat’s “grunge”, the bokeh and moodiness in the sky behind, etc. I titled it “Derelict”. A great example of one of the basics of great photography: “fill the frame”! The major point about filling the frame is that our minds will deal with the missing elements – it’s certainly easy to see that this is a fishing boat – and, given it’s tilt, that something’s amiss!

Screen Shot 2012 05 28 at 7 49 38 AM

Here’s another image – one that was more heavily post-processed including a texture overlay – of the FV Point Reyes that I posted last summer.

PS: If you’re in the US, hope you’re having a great Memorial Day weekend! We had one of our grilled tri-tip dinners last night that was wonderful – a bit more more on that later once I update the menu on my Scott’s Kitchen web site.

PPS: Here’s a straight out of the camera shot of the FV Point Reyes – taken with my iPhone 4S. Sort of sets the scene for the closeup shot above!

FV Point Reyes Inverness 640px

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Scott: I enjoy your many photo postings and musings. I also know you enjoy B&W photography conversions using Nik software, so I thought if you haven’t as yet read an in-depth review of Leica’s new Monochrom M9 and APO 50 mm f2 lens that you’d enjoy these two posts (links attached below).

I’ve been doing B&W for over 30 years and I’m blown-away by what I’m seeing from Leica. I know at first is sounds silly, “Why would I want a Monochrom body when I can easily convert digital color RAW to b&w?” But after reading about what Leica has done and seeing what can be produced, I’m thoroughly impressed. Only problem is the body and lens together cost over $14,000.

Happy image making,

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