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The Dry Dock – Mare Island – 2011

Drydock - Mare Island - 2011

A few weeks back, Doug Kaye and I did some exploring around Mare Island – the old naval shipyard in Vallejo, California. This was my first time there – and I was struck by the sheer size of the place, the immensity of the buildings, and the urban texture that remains. While we were only there about two hours, we had a lot of fun getting acquainted with the site – which is famous for early evening twilight shots in much better light.

This image is a classic three shot HDR image shot taken hand-held over a fence with my Canon 5D Mark II. Because I was holding the camera over my head, I used Live View to try to align it for the shots. It was post-processed first in Photomatix Pro – also responsible for aligning the hand-held images, and then adjusted in Photoshop using Nik’s Viveza 2 and Color Efex Pro 3. I love the symmetry of the shot, the dramatic lines in the dry dock and the texture – enhanced via the HDR processing.

See my Mare Island archive page for a few more shots taken that Sunday afternoon.

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