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The SR-71A Blackbird at Castle Air Museum

SR-71 Blackbird - Castle Air Museum, California

I’ve been playing around a bit more with black and white photography – including going back and looking through my collection of earlier images for candidates for conversion to black and white.

Here’s an example from the Castle Air Museum from four years ago that I recently converted to black and white. Castle has one of the few remaining SR-71’s – specifically SR-71A 61-7960.

In terms of process, I first did a single image RAW HDR conversion following by the black and white conversion. This is a particularly challenging image – because of how the SR-71 is positioned in front of all of that tree foliage. Still, I thought the conversion turned out OK.

Many years ago when I worked for IBM I spent a day at Beale Air Force Base – home of the SR-71’s. What a treat! Years later, I was at Oshkosh when the first SR-71 flew in for the airshow – took about 45 minutes for the SR-71 to travel from Beale to Oshkosh! I remember the rope line around the SR-71 while it was on display with the signs that read “Use of Deadly Force is Authorized” – in other words, stay away!

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