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Trey Ratcliff and the Way to San Jose!

This afternoon I headed down to Adobe HQ in downtown San Jose to attend Trey Ratcliff’s talk in Adobe’s Distinguished Lecturer Series.

Trey RatcliffTrey’s the author of the very popular travel photography blog. A year ago, I really enjoyed photowalking with Trey at Stanford – we really had a great time and learned a lot – here’s the Flickr group pool from that Stanford shoot!

Trey’s talk today was wide ranging – moving beyond HDR photography into how our minds and eyes work, how we perceive, and what’s most important in terms of our artistic side.

Among my takeaways was Trey’s recommendation to shoot out in the field with a pair of headphones on tapped into some great music. He cited the benefits of disconnecting our visual experience from our auditory experience – using the music/headphones to make that isolation.

During the Q&A, Trey was asked how he deals with those in the environment (think security guards) who want to shut down photographers. His recommendation: watch Burn Notice – where Michael Weston works to solve problems. As he’s working on a shoot (e.g., Grand Central Station), he’s studying the environment carefully and assessing how he can capture the shots within that environment.

Great inspiration! Follow Trey on Twitter: @treyratcliff. My photo of Trey was shot using his 100 Cameras in 1 iPhone app.

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