More on the Power of Black and White!

Pierce Point Ranch Barn by Scott Loftesness
Earlier this week, I printed a copy of this image in a 16×20-inch size on posterboard. This was the first time I’ve printed something this big on posterboard – and I used my local Costco as my “lab”. I couldn’t be happier with the result! What was particularly wonderful about the final print was the detailed texture of the wood grain in the barn siding. It’s just superb!

The image is from Pierce Point Ranch in Point Reyes – a shot I took on one of my weekend photo workshop adventures last fall. It’s been significantly tweaked in post-processing – most notably to bring down the sky and darken the foreground so focus the viewer’s eye on the barn and shadows. Here’s the original – along with this version.

Now to find a suitable frame and mat – and then a suitable place to hang it!

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