The Dropbox Phenomenon

DropboxLike many others, a while back I setup a free Dropbox account – what’s not to like about a free 2 GB of storage “in the cloud”?

On my Mac, Dropbox shows up as a folder in my Finder list of Places – it’s always right there. The Dropbox app starts automatically when I reboot – enabling all of this magic. The Dropbox apps on my iPhone and iPad enable me to easily access the Dropbox folder’s content – while I’m out and about.

On recent trips to both India and Ireland, I took full advantage of this mobile integration enabled by Dropbox. Before my flights, I dropped the key files of interest for my trips into folders in my Dropbox – and then accessed them ahead of time on my mobile devices, marking them as favorites (enabling local copies to be saved on the mobile device) and then read them while I was enroute. My laptop stayed stowed in the overhead compartment. A great use case! There are many others!

Somewhere along the way, I upgraded to the 50 GB option ($99/year) – as I quickly bumped up (amazingly) against the free 2 GB limit. Like many others, I’ve become a real advocate for Dropbox – it’s perfect at what it does. Elegant, simple, just works. Doesn’t get much better than that.

If you’re not yet using Dropbox, sign up here (and both of us will get even more storage in the cloud!). If you are using Dropbox, aren’t you also impressed?

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