First Photo: iPhone 4 HDR using iOS 4.1

The iOS 4.1 software update for the iPhone 4 became available today and I installed it on mine. Here’s the first photo I took in HDR – looking right outside my office window. The “surprise” new feature announced last week at the Apple event was HDR for the iPhone 4 – so I wanted to try it out right away!

The first image below is without HDR on – the second is with HDR on. You can see how the stuff in the shadows (cars under the trees, bushes in the foreground, even the wall on the right side) is made more visible in the HDR version. Cool stuff – and no noticeable impact on shutter speed meaning that you can take HDR photos without the wait of traditional autobracketing, etc.



With HDR:


When we get some more interesting iPhone HDR shots over the next few days, I’ll share them here!

One Reply to “First Photo: iPhone 4 HDR using iOS 4.1”

  1. Alas, no help for my old 3G, but at least 4.1 restores some of the performance lost under 4.0. Now the big question is whether to get an iPhone 4 or a Droid. I’m well past my 2-year contract with AT&T. It’s like getting ouf of prison. (Or so I’m told.)

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