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Canon PowerShot S95 – Some More Shots

I went out walking with Lily early this morning at Sharon Park – and took my new Canon PowerShot S95 along to see what I could capture using the various Scene modes (SCN on the mode dial) built into the camera.

On my S90, I almost never shot using these modes – thinking that I wanted to have better control over the camera. On the S90, most of my shooting has been in Aperture priority (both for HDR shots and for those great bokeh shots at f/2.0) or in Program AE (P on the mode dial).

I’ve posted my initial Canon S95 photos in this set on Flickr. In the description, I’ve noted the particular Scene mode that the photo was shot in. Note that these Sharon Park photos have NOT have any additional processing. They were imported into Lightroom 3.2 and uploaded directly to Flickr.

After Sharon Park, we went to the Menlo Park Farmers Market for veggies and stuff – that’s where the two flower photos were taken – including the one below.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get out and try some HDR on this new jewel of a camera. Perhaps head over to Stanford mid-morning and see what we can get. Anyone want to join me for a Stanford Labor Day Photowalk? Let me know.

Beautiful Flowers

One reply on “Canon PowerShot S95 – Some More Shots”

If you’re a friend of Scott’s do NOT under any circumstances let him show you his new S95. I had lunch with him on Friday and it cost me $400. And now I have to look at his great photos while I wait for the new camera to arrive. I guess I should be glad he didn’t show me his 5D MkII.

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