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New Canon PowerShot S95 On Its Way!

While I was away for the last couple of days, emailed me that the Canon PowerShot S95 that I ordered the first day it was announced (August 19) has actually shipped and should arrive tomorrow.

Canon PowerShot S95

The S95 is the successor to the outstanding S90 – my favorite camera for the last year (see my S90-related posts here on the blog). Improvements over the S90 include: a new case coating to make the S95 less slippery, new hybrid image stabilization system and 720p HD video with stereo sound. In addition, the S95 is the first Canon camera to feature an in-camera, HDR scene mode – enabling HDR processing in-camera. I suspect the HDR feature will be very 1.0 – we’ll know shortly! The actual image sensor, on-board processor, and lens are the same as on the S90 – and they’re great! I’ve also read that the S95 stiffens up the read control wheel a bit so that it isn’t easily bumped – a complaint for some but one that has never been an issuer in my shooting.

Although I also own the Canon EOS 5D Mark II – another excellent camera – the size and resulting portability of the S90 make it the perfect camera to have with me all the time every day. My S90 is usually in my backpack – which goes with me almost everywhere.

The 5D Mark II, on the other hand, is superb for serious photography – including some great HDR work that I’ve done with it. For me, the two cameras are complementary. The only other camera – that’s literally with me all the time – is my iPhone 4 – another excellent camera but not quite a real “photographer’s camera.” That said, it’s easy to miss a shot when camera stuff is getting in the way – and the quick capture of the iPhone helps avoid missing anything (see some of my iPhone photos here)!

While in New York City earlier this year, I had great fun with the S90 in my hand shooting street scenes. With such a tiny camera, you just don’t look like a photographer!

I’ll have a more in-depth review of the S95 coming up after I’ve had a chance to get better acquainted with it!

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