Apple iPad Photography Photography - Canon PowerShot S90

The Canon PowerShot S90 and the Apple iPad

My guess is that one of the “killer” photography combinations this year will be the Canon PowerShot S90 and the Apple iPad. They’re both beautiful devices – the trick will be combining their capabilities to enable great photography on the go – in an ultra-portable combination.

As it turns out, I own both already. My iPad arrived just over a week ago – and I’ve been having great fun with it – but I’ve not been able to put it to serious use in a photography sense. The problem: at the moment, there’s no easy way to get shots off of my S90 and into the iPad.

I’ve ordered the iPad Camera Connection Kit – but it’s scheduled to ship in “late April”. The kit offers both USB and SD card input for the iPad – and says it supports “standard photo formats, including JPEG and RAW.”

I’d like to think that sometime soon, a great camera like the S90 or its successor and the iPad would simply be able to sync wirelessly when in close proximity. And, I should be able to do that without any clumsy add-on adapters/accessories. Then we’d really be cooking – and the iPad would begin to become the dream machine for photographers on the go.

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